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Supporting Humans. Supporting Earth.

The mission of Red Grail is to ease suffering, spread peace, educate people, clean up the planet, and heal the ravages of war regardless of skin color, religion, orientation or any of the multitudes of ways modern society uses to divide people.

Together we can improve the lives of people and generations to come IF we decide to work together.

Help us push humanity forward.

How You Can Get Involved

Contact Us and move FORWARD!

Volunteer Program

Volunteer for one of our programs or volunteer for a local charity near you. Soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food pantries are all in need of help as well as volunteers to assist with wildlife rescue and environmental clean up.

Sponsor Program

You can sponsor one of our on-going programs for one year. Our current projects include Books For Soldiers and Training Vets. If you wold like to sponsor one of these programs for 2021-2022, pease contact us for details. 

Humanity Fund

We are always seeking grants to solve specific problems related to our mission. If you are a granting institution or know of a grant that is available, please contact us immediately. People are suffering and it needs to stop.  

What We Do

The problems of this Earth are rapidly spiraling out of control and are becoming unsolvable for the levers of political power to be effectual.

We identify those problem areas where governments are impotent to solve and we find partners to assist us to fix the problems that is common to all of humanity.

Our Story

It all started with the first Gulf War. Enlisted friends of our founder, Storm Williams, were sent to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for Operation Desert Storm. Although the war was short lived, US soldiers would not be returning home for up to a year. He began sending books he had already read to soldiers serving in the field hospital at the base in Riyadh to help pass the time.

After the events of September 11, 2001, Mr. Williams wanted to repeat what he had done earlier but knew he needed help. Thus Red Grail was born and our first project, Books For Soldiers was launched, sending over $31 million in aid to deployed US troops around the world.

Ongoing Causes

If you are seeking to help one of our ongoing missions, please donate today.

Books For Soliders

Care Packages For The Mind

Training Vets

Helping Vets Rise!

Become a Volunteer Today

We encourage everyone to volunteer for a public good charity to help alleviate suffering, hunger, poverty, homelessness and pollution. Anything you can do will help.

Plant a garden.

Bake bread in a soup kitchen.

Save an endangered species.

Teach a child how to read.

When each of use fight these problems in our own tiny way, together we can move mountains.

We’ve raised over $32 million in aid.

Since the inception of the Order Of The Red Grail, we have sent over $31 million in aid to US soldiers overseas with the help of our tireless volunteers.

Now, we want to spread our wings and solve bigger problems.

Donate Today

To donate to our Humanity Fund, please make all checks and money orders out to…

Order Of The Red Grail

9530 Hageman Rd
Suite B #174
Bakersfield, CA 93312


We also accept cryptocurrency. Here are our wallet addresses…
Bitcoin: bc1q04k87hj9ejt2eg3mtq57wywnqcavm8fjz9rxh6

Ethereum: 0x7C605D7A5fc0b9E9c330368F122Ec55753b26424

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

If you can help us in our ongoing missions to solve the problems facing humanity and our planet, please contact us today.

9530 Hageman Rd
Suite B #174
Bakersfield, CA 93312

Call Us: (661) 372-0249?